Cubby’s GO 25 Best of the Best Modified Race (Invite Only)

Cubby’s GO 25 Best of the Best Modified Race (Invite Only)

2019 Cubby’s GO 25 Best of The Best Modified Race (INVITE ONLY)

Thursday night of the Malvern Bank GO 50, the prelude to Imperial Tile Silver Dollar Nationals weekend we will have IMCA-type unsanctioned modifieds for $2000 to-win and $165 to-start, $100 tow. Pit passes will be $40. There will be a $50 entry fee and you must pre-enter on our website or call our office (402-342-3453), pre-entries must be paid by July 8th. The race will be draw/redraw, 4 heat races, top 20 to the feature, the rest to the C & B features, top 4 from the B will advance to the A.



Chris Abelson

  Jared Hoefelman  

Terry Phillips

Jacob Anson   Clint Homan  

Anthony Roth

Brandon Beckendorf   Ryan Jenkins  

Kelly Shryock

Brad Bergren

  Jeff Jones   Dylan Smith
Tanner Black   Mark Leiting  

Jesse Sobbing

Jesse Dennis

  Mike Lineberry   Brandon Spanjer
Mike Densberger   Philip Loseke  

Ricky Stephan

Jordan Grabouski

  Red Monson   Austin Svoboda
Justin Gregg   Bob Moore  

Cody Thompson

Shawn Harker

  Josh Most   Tim Ward
Travis Hatcher   Jordy Nelson  

RC Whitwell

Tommy Hensley

  Jay Noteboom   Justin Zeitner
Jake Hobscheidt   Brian Perdue    


Drivers were invited based on…

Top 10 in the 2018 Malvern Bank GO 50.

Top 10 in the 2018 Speedway Motors Cornhusker Classic.

Top 24 qualifiers for the Cookies BBQ Charlie Clark.

I-80 Speedway weekly racers that have missed one race or less or won a weekly feature.

2 most accoladed sport mod drivers at I-80 Speedway over the past 3 seasons.


Top 10 from the July 5th IMCA Sanctioned Midwest Madness race. ($1,524 to-win and $150 to-start)

If the 10 drivers that finish in the top 10 are not new to this list. There will be 10 open spots to the next 10 drivers in the finishing order outside the top 10 that have not yet been invited, if not paid by Sunday, July 7th, invite will be open to all, first come first serve.



1st: $2000

7th: $250 13th: $220 19th: $190

2nd: $1,000

8th: $245 14th: $215 20th: $185
3rd: $800 9th: $240 15th: $210

21st: $180

4th: $600 10th: $235 16th: $205

22nd: $175

5th: $400 11th: $230 17th: $200

23rd: $170

6th: $300 12th: $225 18th: $195

24th: $165