Bragging Rights Series for 2017

Bragging Rights Series for 2017

The Bragging Rights Championship for Late Models will return in 2017. Last year six tracks participated in the Braggging Rights Championship for Late Models with Cory Dumpert of York picking up the Championship.

In 2017, Kosiski Auto Parts, Malvern Trust & Savings Bank and Hoosier Great Plains will work with four of those Nebraska race tracks to fund the Bragging Rights Late Model/Grand National point fund for the 2017 racing season. Those four tracks are; the Boone County Raceway in Albion, US 30 Speedway in Columbus, the Off Road Speedway near Norfolk and the I-80 Speedway near Greenwood.

A driver’s best 16 finishes will be used to calculate his points total. All events listed as Bragging Rights Late Models. There will be no requirement in 2017 to run more than one track a minimum amount of times. Races sanctioned by SLMR, MLRA, CBC, NCRA & MARS will not be counted towards the Bragging Rights Late Model Races and Points.

Kosiski Auto Parts put in $1,500 to the point fund, Malvern Trust & Savings Bank $1,000, and Hoosier Tire putting up ten free WRS-55s. Each race track will put $1,200 into the fund for a total of $7,300 and the ten tires.

The point fund will pay the top ten cars in points as follows: (1) $1,200, (2) $1,000 (3) $850 (4) $750 (5) $700 (6) $650 (7) $600 (8) $550 (9) $500 (10) $500. All ten will receive one free WRS-55 from Hoosier Great Plains.

To achieve the best results for all members, all participating tracks agree to help promote the Late Model Bragging Rights Championship during the 2017 racing. Results should be forward to Lisa Leighton at by Noon each Monday.