Turkey Chase Class Updates

Turkey Chase Class Updates


Jr Wazoom Cage – Fri-Sat-Sun – $10 Entry Fee Per day – Top 3 Trophies

Backyard Class – Fri-Sat – $30 entry per day – $100 to win (4 Kart minimum)

Winged Cage Karts will change to the following Fri-Sat:

Cadet Wing LO206

Jr 1 Wing LO206

Adult Wing LO206

Restricted Box Stock Wing Clone

Box/Stock Builder Prepared Wing Clone

$30 entry per day – $100 to win (4 Kart Minimum)

Rule Updates for above classes:

Jr Wazoom Cage: Age 10-14 Weight: 360 lbs. Engine: Briggs Animal Blue Wazoom Rules – Must Follow 2017 IKF Rules with 2018 Amendments
IKF Rules Section 720,720.1-720.17

Restrictor: None Clutch: Open – Disc Style OK – Bearing OK Electronics: Mychron OK

Tires & Wheels: Hoosier item #11920 for LR, LF, RF (35.5″ tire D30 compound only, with minimum 6″ rims, maximum 8.5″ rims) Rear – Hoosier
item #11950 for RR (37.0″ tire D30A Compound only, on a 10″ rim) Must follow LSS tire rules section in regard to tech.

Backyard Class: 212/196 Predator Engine Open modifications, Alky or Gas, No Weight rule, Hoosier treaded tire, Burris Treaded Tire, or
Maxxis Tire that is cut into square pattern maximum block size 1″ must cover entire width of tire. With the understanding that if there is a major discrepancy between the maxxis and the other 2 tires we reserve the right to alter the maxxis tire for the second

Cadet Wing LO206: Age 6-8 – 270 lbs – Red Slide

Jr 1 Wing LO206: Age 8-12 – 300 lbs – Green Slide

Adult Wing Lo206: Age 16+ – 425 lbs – Black Slide

Restricted Box Stock Wing Clone: Ages 6-10 – 245 lbs – Green Slide

Box Stock/Builder Prepared Wing Clone: Ages 9-15 Unrestricted

Following the Hoosier Adrenaline Series Rules for the Above classes.

For any further information you can contact Bob Ward from 6-9 PM 402-681-3948 Jr Wazoom Engine rules can also contact Ralph Woodard at

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